Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrance


There was another picture I wanted to use for this week’s topic but I think this picture is a better representation of the topic. This was taken at the Field Museum during my trip to Chicago last year. It was my last destination before returning back to the hotel to gather my stuff and head to the airport.

This was the entrance to the museum’s exhibit about China. It was a special exhibit which I had to pay extra to visit and it was worth it. Even though I spent the first decade of my life in China, I knew very little Chinese history. This exhibit told the history of China from its ancient times to modern times and it was fascinating. I ended up spending most of the tour in this exhibit because I wasn’t really interested in seeing dinosaur fossils and ice age species.

Here are the technical specifications:

FujiFilm FinePix Z10fd (f/3.7, 6 mm, ISO-1600, 1/52 sec)

In addition, I decreased the brightness and increased the contrast both by 100% in Adobe Photoshop to compensate for over-exposure.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrance

  1. I’m sure this was exciting to you especially because of your coming trip. It’s neat you were able to spend this time surrounded by information and artifacts from your homeland. I have been to a number of museums in Chicago but the field museum hasn’t interested me… for the exact reason you mention. I have no interest in dinosaurs and fossils… especially since the vast majority of them are simply creations of a person’s imagination who wears the label “scientist.” But that’s another story. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself… and I hope you are equally enjoying your preparations for your journey to China.


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    • It was very exciting. Unfortunately, I can’t really use the information, not unless I visit Beijing or Shanghai. There wasn’t much history for me to discover about my hometown.
      I have no interest in dinosaurs and fossils either. They all look the same to me but there were more than dinosaurs and fossils at the Field Museum, a lot more and it’s definitely a place that’s worth a visit.
      As for the preparation for my trip to China, it’s about to start. 😀 (I’m procrastinating at the moment.)


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