Sunday Gratitude

To be honest, when I sat down to write this week’s gratitude post, I couldn’t think of one thing to be grateful for this week. Nothing really happened this week. Well, my aunt finally sold her apartment and she’s been out of my hair most of the week. I guess I am grateful for that.…


Saturday Humor!

I have a fascination with history, particularly U.S. History and here is something real interesting for your Saturday. It’s not funny or anything, just really interesting which I hope it will make you go from sleepy to wide awake. Credit: Pinterest


Three Lines Tale: The Final Note

Thousands of hands rose into the air as the singer sang the final note of the song, as she sang the final note of the night, the final note of the tour, and the final note of her career. As the music ended, the singer gracefully bowed and removed her wig, revealing her bald head…