Creepy Yet Adorable

Taking a break from my studying here, actually, I haven’t started today’s studying yet since mom insists calling me every few minutes. Our tenant unexpectedly moved out last night. He was supposed to move out at the end of the month but apparently, he didn’t want to stay another 15 days.

Anyway, this week’s photo challenge is not an easy one at all but I managed. Here are some creepy yet delightfully adorable pictures from my trip to Cabela’s at the end of last year.

P.S. Cabela’s is a store that sells outdoor equipment like camping and stuff.

What was I doing there? My cousin wanted a super warm winter coat because even without the snow, he still can’t stand the cold and mom wanted a gun, a long dangerous rifle, to keep in the house. Thank god she didn’t get one. Otherwise, I might be a dead girl.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy


15 thoughts on “Creepy Yet Adorable

  1. I love Cabelas! They do have some awesomely but creepy exhibits….especially for those who do not hunt or fish. I grew up doing both so I look at the taxidermy work and see how realistic it is….that is a talent all in it’s self.

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    • I agree, some of the displays were a little creepy for me.
      That was my first time going to the store and I was just in awe of how real the animals looked even after I was told they were real.


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