Experimental Photography

Ever since my aunt gave me her expensive camera with tons of bells and whistles, I’ve been experimenting with the camera functions. I’m not taking many pictures these days but when I was on my road trip in May, I was experimenting. Here are some of my experimental shots. I took this picture at Marble…

Around the Corner

Since my mom is leaving on a business trip, I’m going to spend the day to help her pack. Please enjoy my selection for this week’s photo challenge and I will catch up when I have time. Daily Post Photo Challenge

The Perfect Distraction

Just a quick note: I’m going on a short day trip today and therefore, I probably will be absent from the blogging world for most of the day. So enjoy this post and leave your comments. I’ll get to them when I return. Thanks for stopping by. 

The Drive to South Dakota

I could’ve never guessed I would see so many different types of weather in a single day on this road trip. The 15-day road trip took place in early May (more than two months ago) and I can still remember the weather I encountered on the 10th day driving from Great Falls, Montana to Keystone,…