#WeekendCoffeeShare: Taking Responsibilities

Good Saturday morning and thank you for joining me for this lovely chat. I’ll first apologize for making you get your own drink this morning as I’m a little bit under the weather. As for me, I’ll stick to my cup of tea.

It’s the worst time for me to get sick especially when I’m supposed to travel to China in a few days. It all started with a headache early this week. I took some Advil and the headache seemed to had gone away.

I was well on Wednesday but on Thursday, I woke up with an itchy throat but I didn’t think it meant anything, I thought it was probably the dryness and gloomy weather. Then on Friday, I woke up and it seemed my itchy throat only grew worse. I began coughing and after a few coughs, I said, “Oh my gosh!” out loud and that was definitely not my normal voice.

I began to panic. Am I coming down with something? Didn’t I heard somewhere that a flu begins with an itchy throat? I sure hope I’m not coming down with a cold or worse the flu. I haven’t been sick in over a decade. I can’t get sick. I can’t be sick. At least not right now. 

On Friday, I spent the morning drinking water, hoping it would soothe my throat but it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, I was as busy as heck. With only one day remaining, I’m not even sure if I can complete everything. I am starting to feel like my co-workers have been stalling me, making me check and re-check numbers from hundreds of invoices. They don’t seem to trust anyone’s numbers and the more they request the vendors to revise the invoice, the worse things get. The vendors seem more confused than I am now.

My mom and others keep telling me I’m being too responsible. “Why should you care?” They all would say. “You’re leaving anyway. Why should you care about whether the numbers are right or wrong?”

Because it’s my books and reputation on the line, that’s why. I have to take responsibility for the entries I recorded during the last year. Besides, doesn’t leaving a job require tying up loose-ends to avoid future problems?

Maybe I should stop thinking about such things and focus on something more positive like I only have one more work-day before I leave this mess behind and board a plane for China. Yeah, that’s something great to look forward to.

If we were having hot drinks, I would thank you for joining me this weekend. I must now go get a flu shot for precaution and hopefully, I can join in next weekend in China.

23 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Taking Responsibilities

  1. You need good references, I think more than anything it’s why you have to keep doing a good job until the end. But that goes to a point as well. Best of luck in the job hunt. And thanks for the tea 🙂

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  2. Hope you feel better.. I’m fighting something myself, and doubling up on the immune booster supplements I take. I’ve never understood people that think it’s fine to leave a mess, or not care. Like you said, that is your reputation! Grrrr.. Looking forward to your China pics and following your new adventure.

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