#WeekendCoffeeShare: Under the Weather

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Good morning and thank you for joining me for this lovely chat on this cool autumn Saturday. The weather this week seems to be improving, getting warmer day-by-day though the heat is still not on at the office. I will have something hot today. I have hot tea, hot cocoa, cappuccino, and coffee. What would you like?

If we were having coffee or the drink of your choosing, I would tell you I’m just beginning to feel better today. Ever since Monday, I’ve been ill. The roller coaster temperature last week put my immune system through quite a test and it made me realize I’m not back to 100%. My immune system is still weaker than before the lupus attacked me.

It began with infected gums, then came the intermittent fever and chills, and finally came the sore throat and earache. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt worse. The worst part was (yes, even worst than the chills and headaches) I couldn’t take any pain reliever.

I’m doing my carpal tunnel surgery next Monday and under doctor’s order, I can’t have any aspirin 10 days before the procedure and pain reliever (Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc) 5 days before. So how did I get better?

The worst was on Thursday. That was when I had sore throat and earache. When I got home, my mom dug through the box full of Chinese medicine and gave me some kind of herbal tea. I slept especially well that night. No dreams, at last. I woke up on Friday morning feeling the best I’ve felt all week.

If we were having hot beverage of our choice, I would tell you I think I pissed off the big bad Mr. COO. On Thursday afternoon, he was giving me a lecture on recording sales. He thought I was putting the August shipments in September’s financial statement. He must had thought I was really dumb. He asked me to get a total tonnage shipped in August and had my numbers compared with the shipping department’s numbers.

I didn’t stay for the finale because it was time to leave. On Friday morning, I found out from my new colleague that Mr. COO was not happy my number matched with the shipping department.

Isn’t that a good thing? Apparently not.

I think he was just trying to find a way to prove I’m incompetent at my job. He said there was no way we only shipped so few tons in August but you’ve seen the numbers, what more proof do you need?

On Friday afternoon, he brought up a shipment from July and had me check the truck freight for that shipment. When I showed him the invoice and pointed to the number, he didn’t believe me. “No, I don’t think so,” he said.

I flipped it to the last page and showed him the calculation in his own writing. He laughed, “This doesn’t prove anything.” I gave up. I got up, left the office and went to the shipping office. You can argue all you want but you cannot contradict numbers and your own handwriting.

Later, when I returned, I found a large pile of invoices on my desk waiting to be recorded and reimbursed. I believe that’s punishment for contradicting him. I don’t care though. You are human, you are not God. You’re not always right. You make mistakes.

If we were having hot beverages of our choice, I would thank you again for joining me on this Saturday and hope to see you again next Saturday.

22 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Under the Weather

    • Actually no, mouth sores are symptoms of lupus, not infected gums.
      I couldn’t even pronounce the Chinese name of that herbal tea, let alone its English name. I just know it’s a kind of Calcium granule.
      Thank you for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I’m sorry for your health troubles, praying you heal from your infection and your surgery goes well. The more you tell, the more I shade my had at your COO, such a moron. I have worse words but moron works greats. Not will to admit he is wrong, doesn’t show great leadership skills. I don’t know how the situation is and probably feeling sick doesn’t help, don’t let him walk all over you though. I don’t think you will, but he seems the type to try.
    Prayers and hugs,

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      • Yeah I would think it would be. I feel real bad that you have your health issues and a guy like this. Praying everything works out!

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      • Oh wow, I thought U were so happy to be done? I donโ€™t know how your degrees work there but here, after your accounting degree you can take courses towards your CA. Pretty much top of the line in accounting/finance education. After the courses (their modules basically) you write a three day or so long exam and itโ€™s really hard. Some sections you have to pass, others itโ€™s okay if your mark is lower than the passing grade. Anyways itโ€™s super hard but worth it. As Iโ€™m sure the U. S. Equivalent would be. I think you have to have a number of years of work experience before though.
        Projecting managing is always good too. My friend is a project manager in finance did oil companies. She manages their shut downs, the accounting and finance for each shut down as if causes the company millions of dollars to shut a particular station/Line one day.


  2. aaaawe get better soonest {hugs} arent you suppose to stay away from typing or something like that?

    PS looks like someone has major issues even their issues have issues some people are just bad at being humans cheers

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