Autumn Colors

I spent my Sunday afternoon at the house of my former student’s parents. The house was huge and it had many of the things on my wishlist like a gigantic master bedroom and luxurious master bathroom, a jack and Jill bathroom, a gourmet kitchen, a veranda, and a gorgeous view back. Unfortunately, no matter how much I love it,  I can’t afford it. The price tag for this house is about $820,000. 😨

The weather wasn’t great at all. By the time we got to the house, it began to snow. My first snow of the season.

As we got talking, my student’s mother asked what the elevation is at the house. I guessed around 5,500 feet and his father-being my former boss and a know-it-all- said the elevation is 3,000 feet.

Okay, I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get snow at 3,000 feet. Maybe in some places, you can get snow at 3,000 feet but not in Salt Lake City where the lowest elevation is around 4,200 feet.

That dredged up some terrible memories of when I was working for this family.

Okay, let’s think happy memories now.

After a while when the snow had slowed, I stepped out onto the balcony and snapped a few pictures of the mountains, snow, and the layers upon layers of autumn colors.

Daily post photo challenge

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