#WeekendCoffeeShare: DIY Projects and Day Trip

Credit: Layer of Happiness

Good morning and thank you for joining me for this lovely chat on this beautiful Saturday. It’s supposed to be warm this weekend, back to the low 90’s-degree-Fahrenheit, therefore I’ll have something cold and non-caffeinated. I’m trying to slowly pull myself off caffeine again. How about you?

I would tell you as of Wednesday night, I’m officially moved into my new home after it became mine that very day. Although there’s still work to do to make this my home, it’s getting pretty close for me to call home. It’s got a bed for me to sleep in, my favorite seat on the recliner sofa, wi-fi so I can blog and write with my tablet or laptop, and cable television, that’s all this girl ever really needs to call a place home.

One of the surprising thing I discovered about this home is how quiet it is at night. When I moved into the basement that first night, I opened the window and heard crickets chirping. It was incredible. I’ve never heard crickets in my old home. The sound I often heard was cars braking as they turned the corner. Hearing the sound of crickets chirping made me feel like I’m in nature and it’s quickly becoming my favorite sound.

Anyway, I plan to complete some of my DIY tasks today like securing the vinyl carpet runner to the stairs in order to prevent the carpet from getting dirty with shoe prints, assemble the bookcases, organize the kitchen drawers, and configure an extra remote control for the garage, that is as soon as I can find a place that sells them cheaper than Sears which is $40. I found one in Walmart but it was the last one and it was open. Shoot!

Credit: Pinterest

As for work, it’s been pretty quiet since Mr. COO went back to Taiwan and it’s good. Laughter has managed to creep into the office as my co-workers and I shared our funny life experiences with each other. Overall, I’m enjoying this job and I guess now we know who’s causing all my misery. But wait, haven’t we always known that?

I have this feeling this will be a wonderful weekend. For one thing, my mom is away for training for three days and for another, I’ve been planning a day trip since Wednesday. I’m eager to enjoy some natural scenery after so many weeks of being stuck at home. On Sunday, I plan to drive to Mirror Lake in Eastern Utah, near the Wyoming border. It’s about a two-hour drive and we will be going up to 10,000 feet elevation. That will be a cool getaway from this hot weather. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.

Lastly, I want to once again thank you for joining me for this Saturday #weekendcoffeeshare and hope you’ll join me again same time next Saturday.


16 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: DIY Projects and Day Trip

  1. Have fun on your little trip. Looking forward to seeing your photos. For the stairs I don’t know what home improvement stores are there but homedepot or another large home improve the store would likely have that stuff for your stairs, or it could be ordered on line! Also, perhaps an office store staples.com, just a thought for that second one. I’m glad you are enjoying your house and making it yours. Yes quiet is much better than traffic!

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    • Hmm, I’ve never given much thought to an aquarium; can get messy and potentially, I might get yelled at by someone. Perhaps later, when I’m actually living alone.


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