#WeekendCoffeeShare: Back to Job Hunting

Credit: Layer of Happiness

If we were having coffee, I would tell you good morning and thanks for joining me for another lovely weekend chat. Let’s once again have something cold yet healthy. I’m having another fruit smoothie. You?

I would tell you this week has been indescribable, between having intermittent anxiety attacks to trying to stay awake in a hot and stuffy office, well, you can see what I mean.

I really hadn’t notice this before, not before the office went from having three people to six. I did not notice my cubicle is essentially a box with no vent, no way for air to circulate. The air conditioner vent is located at the entrance of the office and because my cubicle is the one farthest from the entrance, the air often cannot reach my corner.

Because of this, I’m always feeling sleepy and light-headed and fainting. Now that the office doubled in its occupancy, I can feel its effect now more than ever.

Every day, around 1 pm, when everyone had just returned from lunch, my eyes would start drooping as a haze would settle over my brain. I would have trouble remembering as my brain would begin to go into sleep mode.

And here I thought there was something wrong with me, like some kind of illness.

A few days ago, one of the co-workers brought a fan to the office. He turned it to “medium” and it felt so good to have air finally reaching my corner but when Mr. COO came in, he turned it down, complaining it’s “too loud.” So much for air circulation.

I did tell him, if you’re wondering, about the lack of circulation in my corner. He waved a hand at me, dismissing my words. “Too loud” were his last words before heading back to his cubicle. At that moment, I wanted to punch him right in the nose. How could you? But I didn’t, instead, I returned to my cubicle and began job searching on LinkedIn. That was it. You can ignore me all you want but my health is always a priority. If I stay here, sooner or later, I’m afraid something might happen to me.

If we were having this chat, I would tell you I’m back to job hunting this week and so far, I’ve applied for four jobs and all of them told me they’ll get back to me in a few weeks. Actually, three of the four jobs came to me by recruiters visiting my LinkedIn profile. I’m glad my LinkedIn profile is finally doing some good. After all, I’ve worked very hard on it.

If we were chatting, I would tell you I will begin moving into the new house today even though it’s set to close (settle) next week. My mom’s plan is to move a little each day so we won’t strain our muscles by cramming all the moving into a day or two days. I like that plan. I remember my last move which was a decade ago and my muscles were sore for days.

If we were chatting, I would show you some of the pictures I posted to Instagram this week.

If we were chatting, I would thank you for joining me and for the healthy drinks. I hope I can join you again next weekend.


30 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Back to Job Hunting

    • That was actually what my co-worker brought to the office. It was very quiet, in my opinion but apparently, Mr. COO was expecting a Dyson. “Not unless you have $300 to blow.” My co-worker said.


  1. Best of Luck on your Job Hunting and on the upcoming move. Hope all goes well for you, and that you find a better job that isn’t going to have a negative effect on your health.

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  2. Good luck with the job hunt. The photos are fabulous. Also, maybe it’s not just lack of air circulation, but could be what you’re eating for lunch. I often get tired after lunch if I eat wheat or dairy. :0)

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  4. Wow, I missed this one. You are right he’s violating your rights and if you’re fainting and the fan is the only way to help too bad for him. You do have rights in the US and I don’t know but I think you should be able to talk to an ombudsmen or a place like WCB (if they have that there). Good luck finding a better job, you know what to avoid now I guess.

    Cheers happy Sunday!

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      • Awesome. I don’t know how things work in the states. Here if a business is running dishonestly in a way that hurts employees or treats them unfairly you go to the ombudsmen. WCB is workers compensation board and many businesses uses them for worker related injuries, or employees can go to them when their Rights as an employee are being violated. Suing works good too 🙂

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