#WeekendCoffeeShare: New Co-Workers and Office Chaos

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you good morning and thanks for joining me for another lovely weekend chat. Let’s have some iced coffee instead, to stay cool in this hot weather. I would tell you this week has been an “ehh” week at best.

My new co-workers arrived on Monday and it’s been great having them around. The guy is funny and the girl is beginning to feel like a big sister to me, maybe because we are less than a year apart. She’s been very helpful and a quick learner. She is also an enthusiastic cleaner and organizer.

So what is wrong with this week?

The last two days had been hellish and it made me downgrade my rating for the job from likable to maybe likable. But in order for me to tell you about it, we’ll have to go back to two weeks ago, before Mr. CFO went back to China, when it was his last day in Utah. I asked him, “Who will sign xxx account checks?” The company has multiple bank accounts and the authorization for both accounts is different.

“Oh, S(shipping manager) will sign it.” Mr. CFO answered.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “It’s the xxx account.”

“Yes yes,” he replied quickly. Okay, if you say so. I thought.

Between last week and this week, I had S sign a few checks from this account. Then two days ago, on Thursday, S got a phone call from a vendor, saying the check looked forged. What? I was surprised. How can this be?

Mr. COO immediately called Mr. CFO, who’s in China and it was past midnight when he called. It turned out S didn’t have the authorization to sign the checks. The office instantaneously turned into chaos, like a tornado is suddenly swirling above me.

Anxiety began acting up. My hands began to tremble as I struggled to think with multiple voices buzzing in my ears at the same time. Mr. COO began talking very loud, as if he was trying to reach a crowd of people. He kept asking me why I had S sign the checks and I tried to tell him but he kept saying, “No no no…it doesn’t matter.”

Why doesn’t it matter? It’s the truth!

He called Mr. CFO again and from his tone, it seemed like they were blaming me for the mix-up. I have not heard wrong or misunderstood, I swear. And I’m starting to wonder if Mr. CFO heard me or understood my question at all because I asked the question in English, not Chinese.

Does he understand English at all? Because most of the time, his emails were just “fyi” or a single word, “great.”

I am getting this vibe that Mr. COO and possibly Mr. CFO don’t respect the lower-level employees. I mean, of the time I’ve been with this company, I have never saw them let other employees explain before jumping up and pointing fingers.

This was supposed to be my career but instead, it feels meaningless. The office is filled with fear and nervous instead of fun and enthusiasm. Sometimes it feels dull because instead of learning and building my career, I’m just sitting there day after day, doing the same mindless things – recording expenses and filing – and obeying the company’s annoying rules and regulations.

At this point, I will probably stay for a year before looking for another position in, hopefully, a company that involves English-speaking people who have evolved to the 21st Century.

If we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me and the iced coffee. I hope I can join you again next weekend.


29 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: New Co-Workers and Office Chaos

  1. I’m sorry that happened Yinglan. I’m happy the 2 interns turned out to be nice and I think having others around will milk things more bearable fir you. As for the Cheque signing thing (cheque is how we spell checks as payment methods in Canada) that isn’t you fault at all & you need to stop worrying about and remove yourself from the situation. What I mean is, worrying about gossip, what could and might be only ends up making a person nervous and anxious, especially if that’s what you struggle with, and even if you’re a person who didn’t normally gave these difficulties.

    Keep your head down, do your work, and just talk with your two new colleagues, show them what to do, this way you can demonstrate you know your job etc and can teach those below you. If the COO ever asks you about it directly tell him that the CFO told you S would sign all the cheques for you and you were taking lead from him him giving them to S.

    If this bothers you ask to speak to the COO just tell him directly, and say: “I didn’t think the CFO realized that S did not have the authority to sign cheques, but he told me specifically she could. I wanted to let you know I was just doing my job and listening to him as my boss when I gave S the cheques to sign and I would have never done that had the CFO not told me S had the authority to do so. If I’m unsure about something like that in the future, should I talk to you as well as the the CFO?”

    This clears the air, says that the COO didn’t mean to make a mistake but did (instead of blaming you) and reaffirms your commitment to your job and the company and what you wouldn’t do if you were given the right information. As well, it makes you appear extra responsible b/c you are asking the COO for his advice about things like this in the future that you feel unsure about.

    Hope it helps, often clearing the air us best, although, perhaps difficult at first. But after, you’ll feel better about it. Otherwise like I said, do your job and keep your head down and try not to think what could or could not happen. You only know about today and whatever moment you are in today so just live in that moment. Ignore the gossip and be the better person. If the COO confronts you first,,then you also know what to tell him (above) in your own words.

    Hope this helps and you’re enjoying your Saturday 🙂

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    • Thank you for your advice though it may be a little difficult for me to follow because the COO doesn’t listen to anyone. When I try to explain something to him, he waves me off. So basically, he wants people to listen to him but he won’t listen to them. He’s one of those people whose mindset is still stuck in 1980’s China when everyone just obeyed and never ask any questions. Those who asked questions would be treated like a rebel.
      I think that’s the problem. The top management looks at this retired guy, who used to run factories in China during the 1980’s, like a God. Everything he says is right. No argument. It’s not right, at least not to me.

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  2. Life is full of down sides, Yinglan, and sad to say they often get harder. Be an overcomer. Help others and get the “up-sides” from your blogging friends. Mandibelle gave you a ton of good advice.

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  3. Why wait an entire year if you’re really miserable? There are diplomatic ways of telling a potential new employer why your tenure in this company was short-lived. It couldn’t hurt to start looking for a new job now. A better opportunity might be right around the corner…Good luck!

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    • I don’t know why actually. I guess I’m just trying to be nice with the hopes that it might better. I think I’ll start looking for a job though after things get settled down a bit at home.

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      • I completely agree with Lulu. Life is too short to stay at a place you do not like very much and, most important of all, where you are not appreciated. Of course I do not know your circumstances well enough, but if you have the feeling you could be happier in another job, I would say: go for it!

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  4. It is sad that your work culture is so difficult. My new job is fun, but I sense some culture problems at the top. Fortunately I am unaffected by the crazy stuff. Thanks for coffee. Have patience ..it will pay in the end.

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  5. It’s horrible to work in an environment like that! You did what Mr. CFO told you to do so I wouldn’t worry about it.Look at it this way, “I was looking for a job when I found this one!” In other words, it isn’t the only place to work!

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  6. I’m sorry work has been so stressful. You did your best and asked him ahead of time and it is his fault that it all got messed up. Sounds like he won’t take the blame, though. Good luck whenever you do start looking for a new job. There is something better out there for you!

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