Sunday Gratitude

This week, I am grateful for praises. Sometimes, a praise can go a long way no matter at home, at work, or somewhere else. Praising someone can bring motivation and positive behavior. I’m all for praises.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude

  1. Excellent post! 🙂
    Yes, praise can go a long way; it can even change a person’s life.
    If a mother often walks into her son’s room and says, “You are a slob; pick up your socks!” … then that son may incorporate the label of a slob as a self-image. If he begins to see himself as a “slob,” he won’t bother to clean his room, because slobs just don’t do that kind of thing. However, if the mother often praises him (even for the smallest little thing) and tells him how helpful he is, he may begin to see himself as helpful and may actually do a lot to help others!

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