Saturday Humor!

I often suffer from this, does anyone else?

Source: Pinterest


5 thoughts on “Saturday Humor!

  1. So here I am after midnight (after 1:00 AM for you, I believe) checking my email and blah, blah, blah (because I just got home). So… no. In another fifteen minutes I shall be dreaming of potatoes.

    My issue is at the other end. Regardless of when I go to bed, I will wake up between 5:30 AM & 6:00 AM, and that’ll be that, wide awake after only about 5 or 6-hours of sleep (and I really need more like 7 or 8).

    So despite my tendency to fall asleep in about 15-seconds — I empathize deeply. I wish you sweet dreams…potato, potato, tomato… (-_^)

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