Share Your World – Week of June 19, 2017

What is something that people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

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People going crazy in anything involving sports, especially when watching someone else play the sport.

Somehow, I don’t get how some people can be so obsessed about a sport team that they want everything owned by that team and when that team loses, they will take it as their own loss. I also don’t get why some people can get into a game or sport match that they’d ignore or forget what’s around them. It will be like they’re on their own little island and the only thing in front of them is the TV.

What quirky things do people do where you are from?

I’m from a small suburban town in Guangdong province, China and honestly, I haven’t lived there long enough to notice the quirky things around town.

Therefore, I’ll write about the place I’m living in now, Layton, Utah. Okay, I am not sure whether people from other states do this but around here, people tend to omit the “t” in words like “Layton”, people would say “Lay-en”. When I first heard it, I was like what?

I wonder how people here would pronounce Washington because frankly, I’ve never heard it.

Another quirky thing I’ve noticed in Utah in general is people say “Oh my heck,” a lot.

What are some things you wish you could unlearn? 

I can’t think of a thing I wish I could unlearn. I value everything I’ve ever learned.

Who is someone that you miss having in your life?

I miss having my step-dad in my life. That’s him with the yellow Lakers cap and the other two are his parents. That was us at San Antonio River Walk in 2003.

And even though he was an emotional wreck, an alcoholic, a heavy smoker and yes, he did drugs from time to time and wasn’t the perfect father figure for me but at least, he was fun when he was himself. Oh and he gladly attended my piano recital. He was quite happy to attend those event.

What I miss the most is having another musician in the house who would jam with me from time to time, him playing the guitar while I played the piano. I also miss having a competitive monopoly player. It gets boring playing with the computer sometimes.
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Share Your World Challenge

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17 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of June 19, 2017

  1. I just love this post! Especially the bit about your stepdad. None of us are perfect, right? Despite his failings, he clearly brought a lot of joy to your life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on him with us.

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    • I remember trying to be obsess over baseball too when I lived in LA but fell asleep at my first Dodgers game even with all the screaming around me. Guess watching sports and me aren’t just meant to be. 😀


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