Photo of the Day!

Upper Falls, Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

It’s been about a month since I returned home from my road trip and looking back at those pictures made me want to go again. All the snow and ice must be melted by now, right? 

Anyway, I know it’s a bad tease, presenting a picture of ice and snow on this Mid-summer day, the hottest day of the year but it’s 100-degree here and looking at this picture helps me keep cool, okay? To my blogging friends around the world, keep cool on this blistery day.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/5, 16 mm, ISO-100, 1/200 sec)


6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

    • Thank you. Wow, that’s hot. I think it was 95 here yesterday, so pretty close. I heard this summer is supposed to be hotter than usual and I’m already dreading it.


      • The hottest it gets here is sometimes 106 but usually in the summer it is the high 90’s and low 100’s. It was 118 where my kids live. HOT!! Yes, if it is going to be an extremely hot summer then I am dreading it too.

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