#WeekendCoffeeShare: What a Week!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you good morning and thanks for joining me for another lovely weekend chat. 

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I had a helluva week. If started out fine. I went to work on Monday as usual. All the executives were coming that day and I mean all of them – CEO, Managing Director, and COO. I was looking forward to meeting them.

They arrived at around lunchtime. We introduced ourselves and shook hands before we went to lunch. Lunch was good too. I had a delicious lunch which fulfilled my hunger.

Hell began after lunch.

To be honest, I’m still a little fuzzy over what happened but then, the entire week had been fuzzy as all the angry and tears took over my other emotions. Anyway, back to that afternoon, I was minding my business, trying to reconcile the bank statements when this COO suddenly wanted to see the proof of all the checks ever written in the company. So I showed him my stash of check-stubs.

A few minutes later, he discovered a missing check-stub and the rest became fuzzy. I mean I know it’s my fault because I thought it was common sense to shred a void check but still, do you have to continue to question me after I confessed? That’s unnecessary. Just give me my punishment.

The rest of the week was more interrogations and budding into other people’s business. One day at lunch, as I sat down to eat my lunch, he came in and raised a question about banking in the U.S. “Would you not talk about work?” My co-worker budded in, “It’s lunch time. The brain needs a rest.”

Later that day, he approached me and told me I should get used to talk about work at lunch and anytime. Heck no, I thought. What happened to work-life balance? Or is there no such thing in Taiwan, where he’s from?

Friday, I lost it. I argued, told him to stop thinking of the worst situations and that we’re in the 21st Century where everything is electronic. His long-winded lectures and old-school thinking were bumping me out, making me anxious and wanting to cry. The way he interrogated and treated me and my co-worker felt emotionally draining and stressed. I swear if I go on any longer, I might go crazy.

The worst part is I can’t talk to him because every time I tried, he would put a hand out and say, “let me finish,” and would go on and on for 30 minutes before walking away. By then, I would have no idea what I was about to say.

On Friday afternoon, he approached me and told me to treat this job like a career. Who said I wasn’t? Then he told me he had worked lower position and earned a hourly-based salary for most of his life and yet, he was always at work on Saturdays and was the quickest one to turn in stuff. Okay, I thought, that just means you have no life outside of work and that’s just sad.

Well, sorry to hear that. I’m not that kind of person. The reason I get a job is to have a life, not to be stuck in an office 24/7. That’s school, not work. I wondered if that’s why he’s treating me and my co-worker so horribly. Because we’re newbies in our fields.

My tears poured out on the drive home. I couldn’t stop it, all my emotions had flooded to the surface. It was embarrassing because I was driving and didn’t want some driver to peek back only to see a distraught girl driving in the car behind him/her. So I put on a cap and shielded my face.

I thought about quitting, setting a new record for my shortest employment but that wouldn’t set a good example for my cousin who quit after three days and almost killed himself by the river. No, I will not do that. I will keep going because I know sooner or later, I will stand up again. No one breaks me.

Lastly, if we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me and hope I can join you again next weekend.

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21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: What a Week!

  1. I’m really sorry. This guy will leave it will be okay. If he wants to live that life it’s his choice, it does not have to be yours. I would tell him you feel threatened and unsafe around him and will be talking to human resources. It’s your lunch and he should not be berating you then.

    Some people see their way, how the did it or do it, but do not recognize people have their own way of doing things that lead to the same (or better) results. It was the first week and the first week, even couple of months can be hard. But then you establish a routine etc. If you can make it a year that’s your best bet, unless you start to like it. But if work makes you so anxious and tearful it’s affecting all parts of your life, find another job and if this guy was the issue find a way of saying to a new job at the interview if they asked why you left, I did the best I could but I was micromanaged and treated without respect from my boss constantly. I could not work in an environment where I was being bullied. ’cause he is bullying you. Get references from others you worked with, who are above you ’cause I know others will see you’re good at what you do and have experience. Plus, your two + years at your old job show you will stay in the right position.

    Just my thoughts. I feel so cad for you. Talk to HR if you are able this continues. It doesn’t sound like he’s being a boss, but a bully.


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    • Thank you for your comment. The unfortunate thing is he’s treating the HR lady the same way he treats me – she’s the co-worker that’s sitting next to me. We (me and the HR lady) seemed to be the only ones being bullied by this guy. The HR lady told me she wanted to quit within the first month but her heart told her to persevere, that things will get better. I feel the same way and hope things will indeed get better in the upcoming days, weeks, and even months.

      My aunt thinks it’s because we’re Chinese and female. Now, that’s not called bullying, it’s discrimination. On the other hand, I think he’s bullying me because it’s his first executive position so he’s stepping on the little guys.

      You’re right though, if this continues, I’m finding another job but first, I’ll try to stand up for myself. This guy deserves it. His ego is much too high. Anyway, he’s in charge of the warehouse and factory as it states in his position (Chief Operation Officer), so it’s not his job to manage the office as well as insult the staffs’ intelligence.

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  2. Good on you for sticking it out. I would say that your boss is reacting to the way he was treated when he was the worker, not in charge. His role models obviously weren’t good and nor is he. I can remember when I worked in the operating theatre as a nurse and we had been flat out on night shift. There was so much mundane work to do when we finished but very little time to do it. I had the audacity to ask one of the sisters to give us a hand. Her response – I went through this and now it is my turn to rest. When you are a sister you can sit back and do nothing too.” Unfortunately/ Fortunately my personality would not allow for that so I never sat back. If I were you I would ask to see your bosses boss. If he treats everybody this way he needs to be helped to see that there are better ways of getting productivity from his workers. Anyway you know that we support you in your efforts. All the best and thanks for coffee.

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  3. What an unfortunate situation, so sorry that this was the week you had. Hope that your weekend much better. All I will say, is that if the situation does not improve, leave. You were surviving before the job, you will survive after it as well. And most probably less stressed.

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  4. Sorry to hear you went through this and hope you have a better week. You are usually so upbeat and this colleague has really got you down. Hope you have a better week.
    xx Rowena

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