Which Way on the Indian Trail

I went on a hike yesterday with my aunt even though it was 90-some degrees hot. I know, bad idea, but the moment we got into the forest and with a light breeze blowing, it felt so good. It also felt pretty awesome to spend a few hours connecting with nature.

After hiking the Indian Trail last October, accessing via Ogden Canyon, I’ve decided I want to try the trail from the 22nd Street trailhead. I’ve been wanting to go on this trail ever since I’ve returned from China in April but never had time. So I thought, there’s no time like the present, right?

We started up the trail as the sun began to beat down on us. It was supposed to be the first hot day this year, the weather report said. Hopefully it was not true, though it did feel blistery hot.

Here’s a look back at the neighborhood as we entered the forest. See you in a few hours.

Though we were in the forest for most of the hike, there were some parts that had no covers and those parts were the most difficult portion of the hike. It was hot and I was drink water crazily even though my brain kept telling me to conserve. That morning, before we left, I discovered we were out of bottled water. After a raid in the pantry, I finally was able to produce three bottles of water. So conserve it was.

With my buckling legs, dry mouth, clumsiness, and slow walking speed, we finally reached the end of the trail in a little over 3 hours. After a picnic lunch with fruit, juice, and energy bars, we were ready to descend. The descent is always quicker than the ascent. After about two and a half hours, we made it back to the parking lot.

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