Photo of the Day!

After another exhaustive six hours drive, I finally made it home from Yellowstone safe and sound. The road trip ended on a sour note with my mom screaming and interrogating me about why we’re arriving home a quarter after eight. Oh well, the road trip was fun while it lasted and in the upcoming weeks and possibly the summer, I will be posting pictures from this road trip as well as more pictures from my trip to China earlier this year.

For now, this is what I’m picking for Photo of the Day. This is naturally-made gypsum found on the ceiling in one of the caves in Wind Cave National Park. This park is located in Hot Springs, South Dakota and frankly, I’ve never heard of such place before that day. It was my aunt who discovered this hidden gem when she researched Keystone earlier that day. I’m glad I visited, otherwise, I would not have known about these fascinating caves.

Did you know the cave system at Wind Cave National Park is the third largest in the world?

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/5.6, 42 mm, ISO-3200, 1/15 sec)


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