100 Word Wednesday: Searching…

Image Credit: Felix Russel-Saw

Note: 100% Fiction!

Life has turned out so different than I could had imagined a decade ago. If you ask me where I picture myself ten years from now, I would not tell you I would have arms full of tattoos and I would be standing in a field of golden wheat homeless. Yes, my parents freaked out when they saw the tattoos and kicked me out. Now, what am I doing in a field of golden wheat? Searching for the next spot I can get some rest without getting spotted before continuing my journey tomorrow. Maybe the tree over there will do.

(100 words)

This story is written for 100 Word Wednesday


17 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Searching…

  1. It’s a good story. But if he was old enough to get the tattoos (here you must be 18 or have a parent with you) it should be his/her choice not the parents. It’s there kids body, not to mention those tattoos aren’t gang related or anything, they are beautiful pictures ‘artwork” and should be considered thus. I feel sorry for this kid cause I think they still need help, a place to live, someone to help them get into school. You cannot judge a person by just tattoos. If their parents want them to always where long sleeves in their presence I understand, but there has to be a happy medium.

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  2. Parents can be very judgemental. Although my children don’t want tattoos, I can understand parents being disturbed by their childrens choices. The problem most parents face is not seeing their children as separate people, but extensions of themselves. When parents see their children do things they don’t agree with, instead of supporting them and choosing battles – choosing to shut a child out if they don’t agree with your morals and ideals? Not something I could do.

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