This Beautiful Earth

I used to celebrate Earth Day when I was in Elementary school though I had little clue of the purpose of Earth Day. At the time, I was still quite new to the U.S. and even with a giant poster in my room entailing what we should do on Earth Day, I still had little clue. However, after watching Disney Channel and learning about Earth Day in school, I finally understood.

I did nothing unfortunately for this Earth Day. I had to stay home and look after the international students who had taken residence in the basement while my mom headed to training.

So I don’t have any new “Earth” pictures for this topic. I’ll have to go dig around in my archive. I hope you enjoy my selection of some of Earth’s beautiful creations.

Daily Post Photo Challenge


13 thoughts on “This Beautiful Earth

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  2. China is one of the countries that has the best flora and fauna in the provinces. Sadly speaking, I understand that Beijing is one of the most polluted city in the world in contrast with the awesome things that nature has gifted China at its provinces.

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  3. These are some choice shots! I have always dreamed of hiking Tianmen mountain. I mean, as a biologist, the richness of China’s forests deserve utmost urgency for study and protection. I hope Tianmen will retain its majesty for many many years.

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