Photo of the Day!

At last, I’m home. 

This is a view of Salt Lake City up high. The trip took approximately 17 hours – first from Hong Kong to Seattle and then from Seattle to Salt Lake City. The first part of the flight was rough. We were hit by a possible storm which caused the plane to sway left and right and rock up and down. After trying to relax as my stomach churned, I was hit by wave after wave of vomit. I was too slow to snatch the sick bag that I vomited on half of my backpack. Yuck!

Then I made my way to the restroom like a drunkard due to the rocking plane as another wave of vomit washed over me. Eventually, the vomit stopped and I was left with practically an empty stomach. Fortunately, it was snack time.

Shortly after breakfast, the captain announced the plane was prepared to land. I have made it to Seattle. I then got through customs and all the paper work to my connecting flight. The flight to Salt Lake was fast. I felt like I barely slept when the captain announced the plane will be landing. Already? I thought and after checking the flight tracker, I realized nearly 90 minutes had gone by. Finally, I was home.

By the way, my post this week may be a little erratic as I’m trying to get back in sync with the time difference. Please bare with me. Thank you.

Technical Details

Sony DSC-W800 (f/8, 5 mm, ISO-100, 1/250 sec)


11 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

    • Thank you. Fortunately, I’m not experiencing jet lag. I’m not even suffering from the time difference which it’s awesome. It’s almost like I just came home from work or something.
      That flight was rough and I was incredibly surprised because I rarely vomit and so it must had been bad.

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      • I’m very impressed about the jet-lag! I can go the other direction and just do one long night’s sleep, and be pretty much fine the next day. But I came back-in-time by 16-hours on the 14th. Four days later, and I’m just starting to feel sort of normal.

        Been on a couple of trans-Pacific bouncers where things fly around the cabin, and a pretty wild turboprop flight out of Vancouver once. Also done some rough hydrofoil-ferry trips between Japan and Korea (last time was in a typhoon) — So I understand. Why I always carry the Dramamine.

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