Share Your World – 2017 Week #12

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

Middle names are typically non-existent in the Chinese naming culture. As for my first name, no, I wasn’t named after anyone in my family. My mom picked the name Yinglan (颖岚) and it means fog in the mountain (just like in the picture). My dad and grandpa wanted a name that’s a little easier to write in Chinese but my mom somehow won the battle and I ended up with a complicated name. Fortunately, I still remember how to write my Chinese name as I had to write it a few times since I’ve come back to China. It would had been embarrassing if I’ve forgotten how to write my name.

Music or silence while working?

I’d say it depends. I generally listen to music while I work unless I run into a complex problem that required silence. At the moment, no, I’m not listening to music as I write this post mainly because I don’t have my iPod speakers with me. Those remain in the U.S. I miss them.

I don’t usually listen to music when I’m writing a story because music tends to distract me from seeing the plot in my head and how can I write a story when the picture isn’t clear?

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

One of my three most special possessions is my laptop or laptops to be specific. It’s got all my files, pictures, projects, etc. on there. If I lose them, I wouldn’t know what to do or how to replace them.

Another one of my most special possessions is the jade Buddha necklace I received from my grandma. Other than the jade Buddha, the necklace itself is made from platinum. Grandma said the necklace cost her a necklace. I was reluctant to wear it at first because I thought wearing a Buddha meant I got baptized into Buddhism but after asking my aunt, I’ve come to know that it’s merely a charm for safe travels and a healthy happy long life.

My third and final possession is my iPod. Ever since it’s been updated, I’ve been unable to pull the songs from the iPod and put it onto the laptop’s hard-drive. So if I lose this special thing, all my favorite songs would go with it. Besides, this iPod is quite valuable now that it’s been discontinued. Last time I’ve checked, the value has been doubled of what I paid for nearly a decade ago. Wow, has it really been that long?

The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?

  • I will never jump out of a moving plane (whether on the ground or in the sky)
  • I will never touch a snake or have it wrapped around my arm
  • I will never visit the Amazonian Jungle or any jungle (mosquitoes, they are killers)
  • I will never explore the oceans (the beach will be ocean enough)
  • I will never bungee jump off a cliff
  • I will never join the military

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Share Your World Challenge

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13 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2017 Week #12

  1. My real name is MARILYN 😲yea now u kno . i waz named after one of my fav uncles ex-girlfriend, yeah wow! 😨i would never ever jump out of a plane either, oh i hate my name. My fav idol is MARILYN MONROE, GO FIGURE…

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