Sunday Gratitude

This week, I am grateful my cousin has taken the first step to address his depression which is going to see a psychiatrist and taking an initial assessment. In a conversation last week, he told me he was diagnosed with a mild case of depression and a mild case of anxiety as well as insomnia. I feel bad for him but at the same time, I’m frustrated that he’s stubborn and reluctant to seek help even when his mother suggested him to go see one of the best psychiatrist in town. I have a feeling this trait runs in the family.

So I had a conversation with him. I told him about my experience of going to counseling during my freshman year at college. I told him how the experience helped me cope with my anxiety. I also told him about my second trip to counseling last year and how the counselor taught me visualization meditation to calm my anxiety. By the end of our conversation, I told him he should at least give it a try because constant insomnia and depression isn’t good for the mind and the body. He agreed.

His psychiatrist prescribed him sleep-aid and when we saw each other this week, he seemed much happier. He was even conversing with our grandmother. I am so thankful for that.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude

  1. Hi i like your writing style it seemed like you knew what kind of style u wanna have that’s why I have a favour to ask I am testing a new writing style for my blog so I am having many opinions and I am not sure how to improve it so I kinda need some advice for that so do you mind looking that out for me.

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  2. That was a good thing, Yinglan, the efforts you spent on your cousin. I like the picture. It is appropriate for dealing with those who are depressed. If you can turn the mind to thankfulness, the perspective is different. 😀

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