The Paths Taken

As you’re aware from my previous posts, I went to quite a bit of place this week and therefore, I took a lot of roads to get there. Here are some of them. I hope you enjoy my selection.


Here is the first path: a park on the other side of the river where I ventured last Sunday before dinner.

Oh please don’t be fool by the half collapsed house in the house. That house was long gone and the outer walls now acts as a fence for the larger, more luxurious house behind it. And FYI, I was super proud of myself for making across that concrete path that looked like it’s about to break. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is a path I wish I’ve taken this week. It’s the road to hike up the Sky Ladder Mountain in NanLang. I think if I’ve gotten there earlier that day with the right gear and my grandma didn’t tag along, I would’ve spent hours hiking up the mountain. Although I imagine it to be a difficult hike, I don’t imagine it to be harder than the hikes I did in Utah. After all, the elevation at the peak is about 4,500 feet less than the elevation of the mountains in Utah.

I am glad though to have my grandma tag along to see these wonderful golden trumpet flowers.

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