Thought of the Day!


Here is my thought of the day:

Let your smile change the world, but let the world change your smile. 

To be honest, I’ve been trying to keep a smile on my face this week. I think all the good times I had in China are coming to bite me from behind, literally. Since I came back from Hong Kong on Sunday, I’ve been having headaches and a bad case of hemorrhoids [turning head away embarrassingly]. I now have sympathy for my mom for she often battles hemorrhoids. This is my first time ever and it hurt like a b****.

I’ve been considering going to a hospital and have a doctor remove it but I’m scared. Hospitals in China are scary places and the doctors here aren’t as gentle as they are in the U.S. At the same time, I remain optimistic and hope it will go away in a few days but until then I’m stuck in bed, at home, and away from nosy and critical relatives because I am not in the mood for judgment of what I did wrong since I’ve returned.

If I’m a little slow to return your comments or keep up with the blogging world, it may probably be because I’m in bed and my laptop is nowhere near me. Please be patient.

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