Going on a Hike for Cee’s Which Way

Last week (week of Jan. 29 – Feb. 4), due to the Chinese New Year holiday, my aunt was off from work and seeing I’m in dire need of exercising, she, along with my cousin and uncle, took me hiking. Hiking in China turned out to have an entirely different meaning. We walk on paved roads instead of dirt paths made completely by hikers. There are no need for a hiking stick or even hiking boots. We simply stroll along the path people here called “Green area” while trying our best to not get run over by maniac bicyclers who don’t know how to control their bicycles when traversing downhill.

The first hike was along a reservoir in Zhongshan. My aunt kept telling me I’ve been here before but for some reason, I can’t remember. It’s been happening a lot since I’ve returned to China. My childhood memories seemed to just poof – vanish. Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the first hike.

I only took a few pictures for my second hike in a place called “Mangrove” in Zhuhai. I think it’s short for man-made grove. This hike was different than the first. Instead of paved roads, there was railing-less boardwalk. Oh and let’s don’t forget about the crowds blocking my way by walking at the pace of snails. I have a strong dislike for slow-walking people. Anyway, I was too busy catching up to my aunts and uncle while trying not to fall over to take pictures.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


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