Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: Week 2 in China

My second week in China started out busy but by Wednesday, I was exhausted and wanted to stay home for one day. I told my aunt what I wanted to do and she was too happy to comply. She was tired too.

Then on Thursday, I was met with an unfortunate accident. I microwaved a hard-boiled egg and it exploded in my mouth, resulted with a burned lip and tongue. I’m okay and that very day, I happened to had woken up with an achy back. So that day was a stay-home day as well. Then the weather began to worsen. The temperature dropped twenty-some degrees from upper-70’s to mid-50’s Fahrenheit.

So I didn’t take as much photo as I had last week but still, it’s been a good week. Here are some of the which way photos from my second week in China.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


22 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: Week 2 in China

      • Hehe, that’s the problem with vacations, usually the food is so good! If you ever come to Canada go to Montreal, they have so many fantastic restaurants. It’s hard to choose each night for dinner!

        Glad you’re better, and what a treat to have hot springs! Yeah at least being sick, you eat less, that’s what I find anyways, for a long while after!

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      • Having relatives who assume there’s nothing to eat whatsoever in the U.S. is also a problem because they kept piling food onto my plate even after I said I was full. I think I’m all done with family reunions and thinking of sticking to a strict vegan diet for the next few days. Hopefully I’ll get all this food digested.

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  1. Have you put something for that then Yinglan? Hope its settling down, I know sesame oil worked for my child once. Wow Week 2 so soon! Enjoy the rest of your time there as much as you have till now. I am enjoying the photos.

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    • Yeah, it was painful. I bit the egg and when I reached the yolk, it exploded. There was a loud pop and my lip was scalded. I think if I put in another 10 seconds in the microwave, it would had exploded in there.

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