It’s not winter without…


It is not winter in Utah without lots and lots of snow. It happened again yesterday. It wasn’t supposed to – according to, the snow was supposed to had come and gone around 12 hours prior but there I was, heading to my doctor’s appointment on this cold and snowy day.

I didn’t notice the frozen pond when I headed to my appointment the day before. So I was glad I grabbed my camera yesterday. Gazing at the frozen pond brought the image of the Charlie Brown cartoon to my mind. It brought up the episode when Snoopy coached Peppermint Patty in ice skating. Then I imagined myself doing and laughed. There is no way I will ever ice skate. Too clumsy.

After 3 snow storms, I already feel like winter’s been here forever. There’s just too much snow, at least too much for me to handle.


I am still wearing my winter boots from three years ago and it is getting too loose for my feet. The inner lining had worn out. I have purchased a pair of new boots but I’m afraid to put them on since they are hiking boots, not winter boots. Will they provide me with the traction that’ll keep me from slipping? In my opinion, it should since sometimes, walking up the mountain is more slippery than stepping on a thick block of ice.

Maybe I should just be brave and wear the new shoes instead of dragging my feet around in these. Sometimes, with too much snow and slush trapped beneath the shoes make the shoes feel like a hundred pounds.

Anyway, what more can I say? If there’s no snow, then it is not winter in northern Utah.

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15 thoughts on “It’s not winter without…

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  2. I went to Utah with College in 2000 and 2001 to visit Bryce Canyon (we stayed a Mock Wild West village called Western Town). The second trip was a week earlier in the year and it snowed, meaning the two years photos are very contrasting.

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