Sunday Photo Fiction: Mount Venus


I understood the risks when I decided to move here to be with my husband – that there was a chance this town would become another Pompeii. When? No one was certain. Not for a century, some scientists said. One thing for certain, it happened on a day when no one expected it to. “Mount Venus has erupted.” The panicking voice of the seasoned anchor, Paige Jensen, shouted over the radio.

I set down my coffee and ran to the large window. Sure enough, there was a plume of clouds in the sky. “We advise everyone to seek shelter in the lowest part of their home. Once the ashes start falling, anyone in its path will suffocate and burn.”

I gasped, my kids. “Cory! Connor!” I shouted, standing at the front door. The clouds had started to darken. The ash storm could happen at any moment. The boys stopped playing and stared at me. “Get inside.”

“In a minute, mom. We’re playing.” Connor argued.

“You can play later.” The wind had begun blowing, Mother Nature is trying to speed up the arrival of the storm. The boys remained standing there. “Don’t argue with me. Get inside.” I shouted over the wind. Reluctantly, the boys ran into the house. “To the basement.” I ran after them as the ash began to fall.

As we sat, hugging our knees, in a corner in the basement, the house rumbled and cracked. “What’s happening?” Cory asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“I’m scared, where’s dad?” Cory whimpered.

I wrapped my arm around him and sighed, “I don’t know but I hope he’s all right.”

A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction. Sorry, I went over a little bit.


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