Photo Challenge #134: Missing Person


Her face is plastered on every wall in Manhattan. “Missing Person, $5 million reward if found.” Day and night, her husband paced back and forth on their penthouse apartment, diving for the phone the second it rang. It has been two weeks since he got off the phone with his wife with her informing him she’ll see him in 15 minutes. She never showed.

He called her phone over and over and it went straight to voicemail. She was a publicist, there was no way she would ever turn off her phone. He went to the police station.  “You must wait 24 hours to report missing persons, sir.” The police sergeant told him. Frustrated, he stormed out of the station.

He tried again the next day and succeeded and since, the police  had been attempting the search but it had been unbelievably slow. “Not enough resources,” the police sergeant said when he inquired.

“I am a billionaire tech mogul, my wife is missing. She could be dead in a ditch somewhere and you won’t even help?”

“Sir, you must know, 90% of our resources are deployed to somewhere else at the moment and another 9% is busy searching for criminals. We are trying our best to find your wife but there are just not enough resource at the moment.”

He staggered back and let out a dry laugh, “Searching for criminals, huh? How about search for the criminal who kidnapped my wife?” He waited for a reaction from the sergeant, “You know what, if the NYPD can’t help me, I’ll just do it myself. I have money, that’s all it matters, right?” Laughing humorlessly, he pushed the doors and stormed out.


In an abandoned warehouse across the Hudson, in an industrial-grade steel cage lies two individuals. A naked unconscious woman with long flowing raven-colored hair and a naked man with pale skin, red eyes, and blackened hands. Their clothes wadded in the corner.

With a pen he found in the woman’s purse, he gently drew a line at the woman’s side, signifying the amount of time he had spent in the cage. He then smiled and brushed a hand against the woman’s cheek, “It is time for our souls to reunite, Eve.” He places a hand on top of the woman’s head and another beneath the head and snapped her neck.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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