Sunday Photo Fiction: Destruction


In the middle of the night, banging and hurrying footsteps woke us up. The landlord was evacuating everyone in the building. “Planes had been spotted just outside the city,” He shouted, “They are coming!” 

Everyone pushed and shoved their way to the subway station a block away for shelter and with my daughter in tow, we joined the crowd. “Where are we going, mommy?” My daughter asked groggily.

I didn’t answer her. Sirens overhead were blaring, “Citizens, take shelter,” it repeated over and over with an ear-piercing sound that made me angry every time. The war has been going on for way too long. It’s nearly the 22nd Century, for crying out loud. When will this stubborn government stop destroying its citizens and surrender? 

The subway hadn’t run for years and the tunnels were always dark and dingy with smells of dead rats and rodents. As I settled in a corner, I undid the strap and wrapped my daughter tight in my arms. “It’ll be all right.” I told her even though in my heart, I knew our home will be destroyed along with our most precious possessions.

(188 words)

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Destruction

  1. This building really seems to inspire thoughts of war and destruction in people. Unfortunately in war, civilians are often after thoughts. Them, their homes, their lives, war is horrible and you show that well. Great write!

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