Being Pampered…


I have a confession: I am a baby when it comes to illnesses and pain. 

I did two biopsies last Thursday – both were on my face and were painless after the doctor injected some anesthesia. The entire afternoon, I didn’t want to remove the bandages, afraid to see the stitches and I was super tired. So I took a nap until my mom came home.

She was surprised to see the bandages on my face and as I sat up, oh no, a sharp pain shot upward on my right side. My entire lower back felt like it was on fire and when I breathed, my side hurt. Not the first time this happened to me but all the same, GREAT. It would usually be gone the next day but it had only grown worse. I had to roll out of bed as to my usual method, sit up and swing my legs over the side. At least I only had one class that day. I was slouching on the drive to school and with my right side and back aching, I more or less limped on and off the shuttle.

Oh, and did I mention I removed the bandages after shower that night? My doctor used purple threads and the knots made it look like two spiders are crawling up the left side of my face. My mom changed the bandage for me because I have a horrible aim. She wasn’t much better either that first night. I went to school on Friday with two band-aids plastered on my face, making me look like a pirate. ERG!

Surprisingly, my face is not hurting at all, which it’s good news, and my mom’s bandaging skills has gotten much better. Meanwhile, my back and right side has been hurting all weekend, even the pain relieving patches aren’t helping much and when I have pain, I no longer want to do anything. So I’ve been laying around most of the weekend being a baby about it while my mom does everything else. That’s also why I haven’t been as active on WP as usual.

So if I don’t respond to your comments, give me some time, I’m probably napping.


25 thoughts on “Being Pampered…

  1. Get better soon! I’ve had some skin taken off my face once and also had a “spider” there, now it’s all healed and I don’t even have a scar or anything. (I learned a new english word with your post – “pampered” – I will probably remember it because of the baby diapers brand)

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  2. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself… you deserve it… you’ve earned it… and it’s good for you. I wish you well my dear friend… and continue with your blog being a bright spot in my day.


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