Strange Wednesday


This day has been a strange day in a surprising and irritating way.

First of all, my family reached out to me early this morning. Not my mom’s family but my dad’s family. I haven’t talked to them since last summer and so I was surprised to hear from them. Maybe they’re suddenly remembering it’s my birthday in three days?

It’s not like they remembered before. Anyway, my aunt (dad’s youngest sister) asked me when I’m planning to go to China, proving me wrong about the birthday thing. I was going to announce over my Chinese social network next month but apparently, I don’t need to anymore.

We chatted until it was time for me to leave for school and then chatted some more once I arrived at school. Actually, I chatted while she typed in Chinese. We can do that in the other social network. I tried to get her to talk but she kept typing. Is she trying to make me crazy? I don’t like to read Chinese but if I understood the conversation correctly, I believe my grandma has finally agreed to do the thing she’s been refusing to do all these years. I guess I’ll know once I talk my mom. f3fd97c5a1d97505a3aab1968780e8e2

What irritated me most today was driving. I’m sure many of you have encountered this, tell me that it doesn’t make you to want to punch somebody. There is always some idiot driver in front doing 40 MPH in a 55 MPH when there are no cars in front of them. I swear, it makes me want to scream. And what about those who brakes for a green light?

I visited the doctor today. It’s my 4th visit this month, add in my dermatology appointment next week and it’ll be the fifth, making the most doctor visits in a month. The doctor didn’t tell me anything new today. She’s just as puzzled about my symptoms and health just as my endocrinologist yesterday but I know I’ll definitely have to have a biopsy performed on my face now. The cream isn’t working, neither is the antibiotic. There’s something majorly wrong with me and no one can figure out.

I’m now waiting for a rheumatology appointment and an appointment to do a exercise stress test to check for problems in my heart. I have to get everything checked out before I go to China. So I’ll probably be busy with doctors in the next couple of months. Now, I’m glad I quit my job. So I don’t have to deal with any sudden texting requesting my presence.


18 thoughts on “Strange Wednesday

  1. I don’t know how fast 40mph is but on the highway when people do 60kmh in the overtaking lane in a 110 zone…WOW that irritates me. Not so much because of the inconvenience, it’s not difficult to spot and avoid, but rather it’s just a hazard.

    A lot of people drive mindlessly and it’s people like that – that will cause accidents.

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