Wednesday Morning


It rained hard last night which was something that hadn’t happen in over three months. The morning air felt fresh and damp which is better than the air before the storm, mucky, smelly, disgusting. As I walked to class, I kept an eye on the gray sky and my autumn-like surroundings, marveled at the orange and red colors of the trees on the mountains. It’s supposed to rain again soon.

Overnight, the school had shut off the fountain and I don’t think it’ll be on again until Spring. Oh well.

I walked down the steps to the pond as my heart fluttered triumphantly. I finally have some new pictures. I checked my watch, 30 minutes until class would begin. Plenty of time. As steady as I could manage, I positioned the camera in my hands. My goal was the reflection in the water and I succeeded.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Mirror


17 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning

  1. Here in southern Arizona we’ve had a reasonably good rainy season for about the past 6 weeks… with several good rains during that time. But it is time to dry out for a while… and I guess the “monsoon” decided to go out with flair… because Monday we not only had an extremely heavy rain… but probably the worst hail storm I’ve seen in decades. It shattered three skylights in our house… plus caused a lot of outdoor plant damage. I’m glad you finally got your rain… and some awesome photographs as well!


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    • Well, that’s good that you’re getting the rain. I’ve been watching the weather reports and it looks like all the rain has gone to the south this summer. I mean, I thought St. George was supposed to be very hot but this year, I keep hearing the flood warning down there. It’s like mother nature has decided to give the south a good wash.

      Sorry about your skylights though. I guess it’s the down side of having so much rain and hail.


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