Labor Day Weekend


I hope everyone is having a good Monday and Labor Day. I accomplished quite a bit today. I finished reading two chapters of my Strategic Management text and maybe I’ll start reading my Business law textbook. Who knows?

On Saturday afternoon, I along with a group of students and my mom attempted Adam’s Canyon for the third time. I went the farthest this time but I still couldn’t finish the entire trail because the final stretch was too dangerous for me. Also, my mom was scared for me because of my heart problem. She was afraid I might suddenly have a heart attack. At least now I understood what the doctor meant when he told me more than a decade ago that I can’t participate in any strenuous activities.

Overall though, it was a great hike. I managed to capture some beautiful autumn colors up in the mountains as you can see in the picture. Those colors are such great contrast against the green. I don’t see a lot of autumn colors in the suburbs since most trees here are evergreens like spruce so they don’t turn orange in the fall.

On Sunday, I went to church. It’s hard to believe that I go to church now and it’s harder to believe that I’m enjoying it. It has enabled me to read the bible and actually understand it. It’s also helping me in my Ethics class. It turned out Ethics is about studying various philosophers and the bible. Anyway, I still haven’t started the reading for this week and I’m dreading it. I have to read text written by Plato and Gandhi.

In other news, I recently published a new short story on Wattpad. It’s called “In a Moment.” It’s part of my short stories collection which I’m hoping to self-publish next year if I can stop procrastinating and finish the non-fiction section of the collection. I also started possibly the last short story that will go into the collection. I’m about 1000 words into this story. This story is somehow very easy to tell.

That’s all I have to say for the moment.


21 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

    • I think reading the Bible requires a different perspective, that’s all. I approach it a novel and it’s very helpful to read the Kindle version on a tablet or a phone because it tells me how much I have left.

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    • Adam’s Canyon is on highway 89 by Cherry Lane in Layton.
      I have a minor valve blocked, had it since I was a child but all the doctors say it shouldn’t be a problem. Well now, it seems to be. Maybe I’m just getting old and out of shape.

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