Macro Moments: Week 9


For this week’s theme, Inanimate Object, I decided to photograph one of my most important possessions. Are they just the cutest things?

Some of you may not be able to tell but one is bigger than the other. These doggies were originally a trio. What you see in the photograph are the large (right) and small (left). There was a medium until it came loose at the point that was beyond reparable and without a shred of sentimentally, my mom chucked it into the garbage.

These doggies are one of a kind. My mom’s friend made it specially for me by hand a long time ago and finding such things are rarity these days, at least I’ve never seen them anywhere.

I was looking for these doggies two nights ago after I saw the theme but I couldn’t find them in the last place I put them. I panicked, worried my mom had thrown them away when she was manically cleaning the house until it can to me in a dream that they might be in the box in the hall closet. The next morning, I checked and I was right! For once, my dream helped.

Here are the technical specifications:

Sony DSC-W8000 (f/3.2, ISO-800, 5 mm, 1/20 sec, +1 step Exposure)

Macro Moment Challenge


13 thoughts on “Macro Moments: Week 9

  1. They are adorable!! I can see why you love them so. I also love how the answer came to you in a dream, perhaps there are more answers for you in your dreams, more than you realize!! 🙂

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