Hello August!

b7cb20e1d3511686264a99d28e455a8aAt last, August! I thought July would never come to pass. It’s been a weird month for me, July.

For one, did anyone feel like July had been an extra long month? I thought it would never end. Maybe it was the fact that it was crazy hot every day and I didn’t want to go out. Or maybe because I felt sick and exhausted all the time. I was so tired that after 10 hours of sleep, I still had to take an hour nap a few hours later. Or maybe because I barely took any pictures in July since I’ve always took pictures to pass the time. Or maybe I had never ending classes. Ugh!

Overall, July was a boring long month and I was looking forward to passing.

Let’s see, in July, I told my boss I’m quitting in December. It was easier than I thought.

Oh and I almost had to replace my old laptop after something ate up 90% of the Random-Access-Memory (RAM) and 50% of my CPUs. It resulted in me using the new laptop with the crappy network card. It turned out my old laptop just needed an update and the update didn’t show up until last week and it took three days to complete. It’s working fine again now, I hope.

Since then, I’ve been extremely careful like accessing the WP dashboard directly instead of through the reader. That meant no more reading blogs through the reader. I now have to catch up on the blogs I follow through the app on my tablet. It sucks because the darn app does not show all the posts. It often skips several hours which frustrates me a lot. So I always end up opening up Chrome on my tablet to read but it’s okay. I’ll survive.

Since I could barely use my laptops in July, I spent most days going to school, work, and reading. I read 7 books in July which is a personal record. I placed the Goodreads widget at the bottom of my sidebar which you can now see all the books I’ve read along with my reviews for those books.

I also finally published some of my short stories on Wattpad. Two years of drafts were piling up in there. Once I began reading my drafts, I suddenly got the impulse to open the drafts and finish the story and guess what, I actually completed a draft of almost 9000 words. I am currently revising it and posting each chapter as I go along.

The story is called Fates Collide and here is the story link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/79503103-fates-collide/parts

So I did all those things in the month of July outside of blogging.192160-Goodbye-July


When I finally browsed my home page three days ago, I realized that I didn’t write as many posts as I do in a typical month. Fortunately, in three days, I caught up to the typical numbers even if it’s the low end.

In July, I wrote a few photo stories. I think I’ll do more of those in August while keeping up with the flash fiction challenges. That’s all I can say at the moment.

Oh, I just realized, my aunt will come to the U.S. again in 71 days. I’m very excited to have someone other than my mom to talk to.


13 thoughts on “Hello August!

  1. Well all in all, sounds like July worked out and you made it through. Heat does make you tired, I can imagine, sitting all day in classes doesn’t help. Great job for standing up and telling your boss and I’m happy your laptop is fine. They all do such silly things at times.

    I’m not sure if this is easier, but I get the blogs I line most, emailed to a folder in my inbox. That’s easier than going through the reader. Or have a separate email address only for blogs you receive.

    I’m going to look for you on Wattpad. I’m working on the second draft of my novel on there. I’d be interested to read your short stories. I really enjoy your writing. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.

      The reason I don’t use the “email new posts” option is because I follow a lot of blog and also like a lot of blogs. My mailbox will probably overflow this way. Besides, sometimes the blogs I don’t usually read surprise me with an interesting post and I wouldn’t want to miss those. I’ve been compiling a list of my favorites on the reader’s sidebar and it seems to make reading a little easier (reduce scrolling).

      That’s so exciting! Second draft of a novel. I’ll look for you on Wattpad. What’s your Wattpad username?

      Liked by 1 person

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