What Made My Day


I have been having a miserable time at my bookkeeping job lately. It’s so miserable that I no longer want to go to it unless it’s necessary. I’m avoiding my boss. He’s been very emotional and weepy lately, swearing at every little thing and threatened to dock employee’s pay over the tiniest thing. I don’t like that attitude. I didn’t like it when I was forced to deal with that attitude with my step-dad years ago and I certainly don’t like it now.

But even through all that, he’s remained kind of nice to me. Until Friday, when he placed that cherry on top of my cake of misery.

A few months ago, he made it a rule that before I go to work, I’m to text him to let him know I’m coming. I leave 5 minutes away and it’s never bothered him before two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, Friday, I texted him, “I’m leaving for the shop now” 10 minutes I left. He later texted back that he was still sleeping and that my warning wasn’t advanced enough. Well how soon did you want me to text you? 24 Hours ahead?

Then Friday, the 22nd, I headed to work when the shop was opened at 10 AM. I texted him before I left. 30 minutes after my arrival at the shop, he calls and says we have a communication problem. Apparently, he thought my text meant that he had to drop whatever he’s doing and leave now. What part of the text did I say that? I said I’m leaving now. I never said he has to leave now and frankly I don’t get his logic and I really don’t get why I have to let him know I’m going to work. The boys didn’t have to but then again, they come to work everyday because they have something to do.

I gave him a piece of my mind that day because I’ve had enough. You pay me so little and expect me to do so much. “Great deal,” he often said and honestly, I’m not getting any kind of deal here.

I told the boys that day, “If he yells at me once more, I’m going to walk out here and never come back.” And I’m serious about that. I already have one person giving me a hard time at home and I don’t need another.

That day ended on a positive note though because when I passed the plum tree in the front yard, I spotted a gleam reflecting in the light. At first, I thought it was the leaves but as I got closer, I realized. Plums! After 7 years, this tree finally has fruit! And it was all because we planted the pluot (hybrid between plum and apricot) tree earlier this year.


36 thoughts on “What Made My Day

  1. That´s so great that the plum tree made your day.
    I can´t believe what you´re writing…if I were you I´d have gone way earlier…Those are horrible conditions! I´m so sorry for you. I think you should quit and not wait for him to yell at you one more time. But that´s up to you. Do whatever your heart tells you to. And meanwhile, happy plum eating:-)

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    • Honestly, I want to quit like now but I’m just concerning about how I’m going to pay my tuition. A little income is better than nothing. I just need to make it until I finish school in December.


  2. Ugh! What a bad time for you lately, Yinglan! Things can only get better for you 🙂 But I am happy for you finding the unexpected plums – the first tree must have needed the new tree as a pollinating friend – fruit trees are often like that 🙂

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  3. I’ve honestly never heard of a job doing that before. Like, I’ve never had to text my boss before coming into the office. The picture of the plum is beautiful! I know how you feel =( I want to quit my job, too, but I need to the money to pay for school. Remember, your mental health is important. If this job is really stressing you out, it isn’t worth it in the long run. Hang in there^^

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    • I haven’t either but it’s an one-owner small business and I’m dealing with the owner. So what can I do? I’m just in it for the money to pay my tuition which it’s not even enough. I’m just trying to hold on until the end of the year. 5 months to go. Thanks, glad you like the picture. 🙂


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  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the rough time you are having at work and with your employer. Sounds like he is overreacting. Maybe he is going through a rough spot in his life. No matter, don’t put up with it. Like you said, you go through enough at home. You don’t need to deal with it at work too. I’m surprised that the plum tree would produce until you planted a pluot. I have never heard of a pluot but if it made the plum tree produce that is fantastic! Happy that it cheered you up!

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  6. Those are horrible conditions you’re working under. I’ve worked in extreme places before, boss always threatening to fire employees for no VALID reasons, people frustrated at work. But I’m not sure what you’re going through is even legal, texting to let him know you’re coming in?? Wow!!
    But great that you got your plums 🙂

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  7. What an interesting story. To me, the most profound thing is that you were shown that 7 years of investment in the plum tree did not go to waste! If you had quit at 6 years, you never would have seen the fruit. Nothing you do is a waste. Blessings.

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