Look up! Planes!


There was a biannual air show at the air force base two miles from where I live and I got the pleasure to see the practice show from my backyard. I didn’t go to the actual show though because I couldn’t get in. It was too crowded. My mom’s friends drove by and they said the line was all the way to the freeway exit. So I only have the practice show pictures which I think it’s even better because I think the rehearsal is sometimes better than the actual show.


This was made by four different planes. I was so focused on snapping pictures that I didn’t catch how they did that. I did see the planes that separated at the top took a loop around the neighborhood before making another circle-like pattern in the sky.


It turned out, the four planes were a diversion for this plane, the fifth plane which shot out of the sky from nowhere. I can see the actual plane in this photo.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up


24 thoughts on “Look up! Planes!

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      • Actually, no really. One of the perks of living 2 miles from an air Force Base, you get to see planes buzzing in your backyard a lot of the times but at the same time, it’s very loud. Have a nice day to you too.

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      • When we lived in South Carolina, we lived in the flight path for the airport, at the part where they often started their descent. We’ve practically had them on our roof before. I remember one time a helicopter was so close to our front porch, I could just about see the eye color of the pilot. That was rather exciting. πŸ™‚ I know the noise must get rather aggravating at time, much like living near a railroad track.
        Thank you. πŸ™‚

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      • That’s exciting! Oh, the noise, it drives me insane sometimes when multiple planes flies over and sometimes, I think there’s a delayed effect because the noise would amplify after the plane had passed over. Basically, every time the planes flew over, I had to pause whatever I was watching or listening and wait until it passes before continuing.

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