Sunday Photo Fiction: Spring


For the first time in months, she managed to peek outside. It’s raining; as soon as the rain drops fell on her, she retracted. Glancing around the tree house, her home since the winter, she discovered that all the rations had been depleted. Every wrapper, every boxes and bags of Meals-ready-to-eat, and bottles stood empty, not a crumb left in sight.

She rolled up her pant leg to check the wound that caused her to stay here the entire winter for the millionth time. The wound’s long gone, leaving nothing but a long jagged scar that ran down her leg from when she had to operate on herself to dig out the bullet which remained in her jacket pocket. She grabbed her rifle with her left hand while getting a grip on the windowsill with her right, she hurled herself into an upright position. For a second, her left knee wobbled; her grip on the windowsill tightened before her leg became steady again.

With one stride, she crossed the room, hoisted her backpack onto her back. Then with her rifle and backpack, she opened the hatch and fell to the ground.

(190 words)

A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction


18 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Spring

  1. Interesting story. How was she injured in the first place? Hard to stay there all hat time, counting your rations and knowing you can easily be caught or injured further. Glad she is free and her leg is better.

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    • Thanks! According to my imagination, she was shot because she was hunted but she somehow got away and ended up in this tree house. I’m glad her leg is healed and now, she’ll somehow find her way back to civilization. Hope she’ll make it.

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