Saturday in the Woods Part 2


After round and round up the mountain, the UK visitors and I arrived at the Cascade Springs and I used this post to tell you of this amazing serene sanctuary. This was our last stop and this was the last place to visit in the forest. We were planning on heading onto Heber City after since it looked like a shorter route to get home but unfortunately, we hit unpaved road and weren’t driving the proper vehicle. So what can we do but to head back using the way we came.


Cascade Springs was amazing with the growth of a wide variety of trees and plants from box elder to our favorite vegetable for soup, watercress.



Not to mention the many waterfalls throughout the trail. The sign on the trail said the water from the rushing stream is completely drinkable. My UK friend quickly drank a mouthful. “Sweet, delicious.” She said. I would’ve grabbed a drink too but I was afraid of falling into the water.




After snapping a few pictures, we advanced upward to the next level above the waterfall. The sun grew more intense as we hiked and I could feel the skin on my arms beginning to burn. It was totally worth it. Here is the waterfalls from one level up.


Finally, after touring and admiring the second level of the Cascade Springs trail, we made our way up to the final level. What a view!


Standing there, I began to wonder, where did the water come from? It didn’t seemed to be coming from up the mountain. We were at the peak. Luckily, there was a sign with some explanation. It turned out the water is from an underground aquifer, coming the water source from the surrounding counties. From the sign, I learned that we were at least 60 miles northeast from where we started! That was why I said at the beginning that we were planning on going to Heber City (Park City’s neighboring town), because according to the map, it was a quicker route home but it didn’t work out. Oh well, still a great trip.


For Part 1, click here!


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