Numbers at the Racetrack

This week’s photo challenge confuses me a lot. What’s so special about numbers that we have to photograph it? In fact, I wasn’t even going to participate this week’s challenge until I went to the racetrack (Larry H. Miller Motorsports Park) on Saturday (before the forest) and snapped a couple pictures there. I hope my pictures represent well for this week’s photo challenge.

Racetrack 1

4 very nice vehicles exiting the track, finished with their races


#58 parked in the loading zone, probably waiting for its owner

Racetrack 2

Where I sat, adjacent to row 9

Racetrack 3

My 2nd stop on the tour, RV parking anyone?

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Numbers


17 thoughts on “Numbers at the Racetrack

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  2. Yinglan!
    Thanks for the like just now you have put on my post “Just a Screen”.
    Please tell me as you are online, is my this post appearing in the Reader as I am not getting to read it.
    Your Photos do represent to the Photo Challenge.

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    • Yes, your post is in the reader. Sometimes, WP does this to me too, where my post is published but it’s not appearing in the reader. Refresh your browser window and it should be there. Hope that helps and thank you for reading.

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