Weekend Adventures

I had so many adventures this past weekend that you will have no idea how tired I am. I went to more places than I have ever been in a single weekend. The first place I went on Saturday was the Utah State Capitol where I discovered of its jubilant celebration: 100 years. While there, I took some photos of things I did not discover during my past visits, something my friends from the UK pointed out to me.

Like these Edison era light bulbs…


And how when you look at this from another angle, it looks like two eyes are staring at you…


After that, we hopped back into the car and went down to Temple Square. The sky had lightened up a bit and the sun had finally come out. It’ll be my 4th visit and yet, I’m still finding new things every time like these gorgeous roses…


It was quite crowded at Temple Square since several weddings were going on. So we decided to have a quick look before returning to the car and grab some lunch. Lunch was quick and delicious with lots of leftovers to take home. At least that’s what I thought it’s where we were going next but it turned out, we weren’t heading home just that. We’re going further north to Ogden, specifically to the historic 25th Street to see the train museum.

This was from the first train I saw as I got out of the car. The wheel of this 1939-built train was so ginormous that I didn’t need to zoom to take this picture.


I was exhausted after that but still, I made it to 10 pm that night without falling asleep. On Sunday, I didn’t know what my mom had planned but I certainly thought I’d have time to practice my speech for my public speaking class for Monday. At around 10 am, she told me that we’re going to Antelope Island State Park. She asked if I wanted to go and at that moment, my body began to fight. Part of me said stay, education is more important, while the other part of me said go, you need a vacation. “Uh…” I stammered.

“I’m going to need you to take them to meet their friend. No one knows that school better than you.” My mom replied. Our UK friends had to meet their friend at my school and then together, their friend is driving them up to Idaho for a few days. So reluctantly, I went and I was glad I did because I got some shots even though I do feel a little bad for neglecting my school work.

Like this photo, if you look closely at the clouds, it looks like two boats colliding…


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


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