Tale Weaver #65: The Witch’s Mansion


“No, please don’t mom.” Kendra pleaded as her mother drove along the winding country road. She never liked visiting her aunt Alice, neither did her mother. “I promise I’ll be good. I promise I’ll study hard. I’ll even give up TV for a month.” Kendra continued. She had gotten more desperate as they neared the house. “Please, I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t make me stay at that creepy house for the summer.”

Her mother, Adeline, ignored her. Kendra could use some discipline, she thought, and her sister, Alice, should do that nicely. She grinned as she pulled the car up to the driveway. She peeked into the rear-view mirror, Kendra was pouting with her arms folded across her chest. “We’ve arrive.” Adeline sang as she got out of the car. She opened the back door but Kendra refused to move. “Come on, sweetie.” She sighed. “It isn’t so bad. You get to live in a mansion.”

Kendra glanced out at the house. Her mother was right. This is a mansion. A very crappy rundown version of one, she scoffed. The house her aunt lives in was by far the most creepy house she’s ever seen. It’s three-story Victorian mansion, painted what looked like pale green once upon a time was now a vomit shade of green with vines and branches crawling up and about. Even the local villagers were scared to approach the house. They called the house, The Witch’s Mansion though Kendra had no idea the reason behind the name.

“I am not getting out.”

Adeline groaned just as a high-pitch squeal appeared on the other side of the car. “Is that my niece, Kendra?” Alice strolled toward them wearing some kind of heavy robe. The sister air hugged and kissed, none of them wanted to touch one another. “Why, Kendra, look how you’ve grown. Come out of the car and let me get a look at you.”

“No.” Kendra said defiantly.

“Kendra!” Adeline scolded.

“Oh, dear sister, if Kendra doesn’t want to get out of the car, then just let her stay there.” Alice leaned into Adeline’s ear. “She’ll come out. Don’t worry.”

“Alice!” Adeline said, appalled.

“Relax, sister. It’ll do her no harm. Besides, I’m sure the only reason you’ve sent her here is to be disciplined.” Alice clapped a hand on her sister’s shoulder and winked. “Don’t worry, by the time you pick her up, she’ll be shocked that an entire summer has gone by.” Alice turned back to Kendra and held out a hand. “Kendra, sweetie, come.”

Kendra unfastened her seat-belt and willingly slid out of the car. “Yes, auntie Alice.” She said monotonously.

“That’s a good girl.” Alice smiled and led her into the house.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver.


13 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #65: The Witch’s Mansion

  1. I’m afraid that Kendra is in for what may seem like a very long summer! She may learn a few things that her mother doesn’t want her to learn. I would love to hear the conversation she has with her friends after the summer is over. Wonderful story.

    Liked by 1 person

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