Man or Alien?


I took this picture on my last trip to the Utah State Capitol late 2013. It was during a class trip when I visited the Capitol.

For what class? You may ask. Concrete Design. Yes, it’s during my engineering days.

Anyway, the purpose of this trip was to learn about the structural design of the Capitol and just so happened, the professor was part of the recent renovation projects for the Capitol a few years back. Thus he knew all about the design and flaws that needed to be corrected. It was a very cool tour. I got to visit parts of the Capitol that normal visitors don’t get to visit like the concrete foundation beneath the building or the massive concrete columns holding the building upright.

The structural and engineering history was also pretty cool but I wish I was a little less anxious and more enthusiastic on that trip. My former boss had backed his car into mine earlier that day and it took me a long time to get in and out of my car after that.

However, I’m sure glad I took this picture. So old man or alien? What do you see?

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Face


24 thoughts on “Man or Alien?

  1. I see a nude descending a staircase! (Sorry… couldn’t resist that one…) I hope things work out smoothly with your car situation. I know sometimes encounters like that can be a hassle… and that’s something you don’t need.


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  2. Ahhhh… ok. I thought it was recent… although I was surprised you hadn’t said anything about it previously.

    Duh!!! Now I see you said in the first sentence it was in 2013. I guess my reading comp is at a low level today. Carry on…


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  3. I don’t know. I must be slightly schizo as I saw four faces. Not one looked like a current politician, for which I was glad Nor did any of them look like Santa, for which I was sad. The bottom one had elf ears, which puzzled me. Dr Spock? I wonder. Thanks for the story.

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