Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: A Sad Tale


We walked side-by-side silently along the beach with the urn hugged tightly against my chest as I occasionally shot a glance at him. He did the same and deep down, I could tell he’s guilty. After all, he’d betrayed me, gone against my order to stay, and worst of all, he had lost my trust. 

I stopped walking, he did the same. I stood facing the water for a moment, allowing the water to rush back and forth wetting my ankles. I used to enjoy this but now, I could feel nothing but the iciness of the water. I undid the lid of the urn and lifted it over my head, allowing the wind to carry his ashes away. “Be free,” I said and watched the ashes form a trail in the air.

Some time later, after I screwed the lid onto the urn, I turned and walked toward the parking lot. As I walked pass him, he grabbed my arm. “I’m sorry.”

“You’ve already apologized,” I said icily. “Besides, it’s just…”

“Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life!” He shouted. “It’s not, okay. This,” he ran his hands down his body, “is not normal. I am not normal.” He exhaled sharply. “I think we need some time apart.” He turned and ran in the opposite direction.

This is a response for Roger Shipp’s new flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. We are given the beginning of the sentence and we are to finish the story.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: A Sad Tale

    • Thanks. I was reluctant to post this one because the writing’s kind of fuzzy and I couldn’t think of a good title. Moreover, the plot has a little to do with the supernatural as in the guy that’s telling the girl he needs some time apart is related to the supernatural because he had just “accidentally” killed the girl’s brother. I hope that clarifies things.


  1. The guy being “not normal” tended to the supernatural as indicated my his passing hands over his body. That was a good touch. The part I especially liked was the description of the water around the ankles – the iciness of the water – good.

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