Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: Payback


Ben opened his eyes to a blinding light. “What the…” he muttered and realized a train was speeding toward him. He tried to get up and immediately noticed he was tied down. “What is this?” He said, “a western movie?”

“Nope,” a crisp voice said. He glanced up and saw his girlfriend, Astra, sitting cross-legged on the railing, smoking a cigarette. She uncrossed her legs, jumped off the railings, and stomped out the cigarette. “It’s called payback.”

Ben looked at her, shaking his head, confused, “payback for what?”

“For cheating, you jerk!” She snarled. That’s when another woman walked up beside Astra, she placed her hand on her hip and popped it with sass. “You didn’t think we’d find out, did you?” Astra asked. “We’re best friends. I bet you’re wishing you’ve never cheated on me, right?”

“Y-you can’t just leave me here!” Ben shouted as he struggled to loosen the ropes.

“Can’t we?” The other woman, Blake, questioned and giggled as she and Astra began walking away. The two of them laughed and shared a high-five as they enjoyed listening to Ben screaming, “I’m gonna get you bitches!” behind them. Blake sneered and scoffed, “Yeah, in another life.”

(199 Words)

This is a response for Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner where we are given a line to incorporate into the story.


16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: Payback

  1. Blake and Astra. Horrible wrong and hurtful of Ben to cheat on them both. It’s not excusable. But I would say killing him for it in such a gruesome manner especially, doesn’t make them come out ahead winners. They make think so, but on earth atleast murder is worse then adultery ( where Ben’s crimes would fall under). All in all, the girls would deserve it if Ben haunted them. Great story though, I just didn’t feel that an ‘eye for an eye’ was a fitting punishment for Ben.

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  2. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” especially if that woman is Astra or Blake!! Yikes…poor Ben!! Let’s hope he learned his lesson in this lifetime so in his next one it won’t be repeated.

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