Six Sentence Stories: Eternity

Underground Tunnel FantasyHe folded his arms, leaned against the wall, and grinned as her conscious body slumped against the stone wall. In just a few short seconds, she’ll wake to discover the shackles and chains around her wrists and ankles; she’d try to break free but she wouldn’t be able to, his grin grew wider at the thought.

She gasped to life, looked around, began to panic, then she saw him and immediately, he face changed from frantic to anger. “You?!” she snarled.

He laughed and leaned forward, inches from her face, “You’ll never harm anyone ever again and as you remain down here, as every ounce of strength drains out of your body, I want you to remember that you may have taken away the ones I love but with every second you spend here, I will spend it taking away something you love.” He blew out the torch and walked out of the tunnel, she screamed ferociously as her chains rattled, have a nice eternity, he thought with a twisted grin.

I am taking part for the first time in a Six Sentence Story Challenge. The prompt is “Second”.

Image Credit: Google Image


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