This morning started out great. I had this beautiful painting-like sunrise outside my bedroom and thought, the clouds are parting, it must mean the weather’s improving. I couldn’t be more wrong.


I spent most of the morning at the outlet mall, waiting at the back of the store while mom picked a pair of jeans at Levi’s. On the way there, we heard the radio person said that a storm would arrive this afternoon. I didn’t really believe it since the weatherman seemed to be wrong half of the time. Well, they sure weren’t wrong this time.


After the outlet, we stopped by the Chinese market to restock our fridge and pantry and then, stopped by our newly-partnered-up restaurant for dim sum. Let’s just say, if mom hadn’t went on and on chatting with the restaurant people, we would have arrived home sooner rather than later when the storm hit. We didn’t leave the restaurant until around 2:30 pm, that’s about 2 hours of chatting for mom. We stopped by Costco on the way to pick up more food and that’s when the storm hit and this is how the scene outside my window look right now.


Neighbors have once again come out and shovel the snow while I am sitting in my room. It’s only going to snow harder. They say it’s a potent storm. So there goes my Saturday and to think, I was going to spend it editing my short story.



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