Pink Sunset

This was the sunset a few nights ago. I saw it and couldn’t resist. I was alone so who was there to stop me? No one. 


I’ve been told that when the sky turns pinkish red like that, it means a storm is coming. Well, a storm did arrive the next day and this morning, what was a 20-minute commute turned into a 45-minute commute. It was bad. When I backed out of the garage, I felt like my car had no traction, that if I didn’t grab tight onto the wheel, it would’ve veered us off course.

I was even more scared after getting onto the freeway. The snow had managed to cover almost every inch of the road. I couldn’t even see the lane-lines! Thankfully, everyone was slow and driving 35 mile per hour with a truck in front and behind, I eventually made it to school on time with 30 minutes to spare but I have to say, days like this make me wish I can stay home instead of going to school.

Here are two more pictures of the brilliantly colorful sky.





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