Need Help with Marketing

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe after all the sweat, crankiness, and sh**, my website for the restaurant is finally complete. I ended up to have to use a third-party website for the store just so the customers will have the option to select their pick up time. Not only that, on the third-party website, I managed to simplify the party tray orders. I feel so proud.

On the original site, the party tray orders were too complicated to make. The guest had to type the entrees and sides they wanted instead of selecting it from a list. Mom was yelling at me about that a few days ago and it just made me more irritated. “Make the website for the stupidest people!” She screamed and so I have.

She said my audience should be those people who scrolls through a website in such a rush that they wouldn’t see anything unless it’s written in giant letters and the online orders should be click click click that a person with no brain can operate it.

I guess I’ve done it now. The website and online order went live about an hour but I’ve placed a notice to have it officially available tomorrow. I believe it will probably be up to me to do the marketing since the people at the restaurant don’t know a lot of English nor do they have the time. Anyway, I think you guys can help.

Apparently, there has to be a certain amount of people to access to the page in order to get to the top of the Google search page. Since I don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook nor do I know a lot of people, marketing will be hard if I’m on my own spreading the word.

So I wonder if I provide the link to the website, you can go access the website, give it a few views, or even just like the Facebook page at the bottom of the home page will help a lot. Please help me spread the word and in the process prove to my mom that I do have friends and I am capable of doing something useful. Anything will help. I appreciate everyone’s help and thanks a million in advance.

Here is the website:

Here is the Facebook:

Thank you my wonderful readers and here is a funny marketing comic for you.


17 thoughts on “Need Help with Marketing

  1. The next time I’m in SLC, I’ll stop by. (Which won’t be anytime soon, but I plan to visit some day…lol) Best of luck with the restaurant and the website. I have a bit of experience with online marketing so if you would like a few tips, email me (You can use the contact form on my website if you like)

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  2. Sorry I won’t be able to visit and enjoy your tasty food, too far to travel. Looks good, well done! Twitter is also good to promote your business. A short message with a colourful food photo and a link to website works well! You could also try Instagram too 😃

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